Crooks And Children

Next Performance

:::::::::October 24th..10:30. THE DROP @ VIADUCT THEATER..........3111.N.Western.Ave...Chicago.IL...

:::::::::November 8th..9:00:::: THE EMPTY BOTTLE...1035.N.Western.Ave.Chicago.IL


Night Is A Good Child

Piece Meal















  We have a few more shows scheduled (see above) and an interview up at      Check it out and we'll see you at the next show.


        Our new album, Night Is A Good Child, is finished and we will be sending out a few advance copies before the show as we like to do from time to time. Send your mailing address to with something about our new album and you will get it. Or listen to it above. We enjoy recording in the winter months, it seems. Check out the new album review on Gapers Block!



Check out a Crooks and Children podcast interview from our friends at
Why Not Chicago (see episode #5, January 3rd 2008).